You're Protected:

In the line of duty, it's not uncommon for employees to raise concerns, thinking they're doing what's right by bringing attention to issues. However, instead of appreciation, they might face retaliation, marked for speaking up. This retaliation can manifest in various forms, from termination to harassment, demotion, or undesirable transfers. If you're facing unfair retaliation, we're here to support you.

Understanding Illegal Retaliation:

Retaliation occurs when employers take adverse actions like refusing to hire, firing, cutting pay, denying promotions, or harassing employees for their protected actions. These "Protected Activities" include:

- Reporting unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment.

- Participating in discrimination proceedings or investigations.

- Addressing workplace safety concerns under OSHA.

- Challenging failure to pay overtime.

- Refusing to engage in illegal acts.

- Seeking reasonable disability accommodations or taking FMLA leave.

- Filing workers' compensation or reporting nursing home abuse.

- Exposing Medicare fraud or corporate misconduct.

- Discussing workplace issues with coworkers.

- Military service obligations or public employee whistleblowing.

Not all complaints are protected, such as those about favoritism, personal conflicts, or fair treatment issues.

How We Can Assist:

1. Preserving Your Rights: If you're facing retaliation, we can guide you through the process, ensuring your claims and evidence are properly preserved while adhering to the law.

2. Retaliation Lawsuits: If negotiation fails, legal action may be necessary. We specialize in representing clients in retaliation cases, whether in court, arbitrations, or before the EEOC. We'll explain the risks and benefits and support you throughout, prioritizing your rights and interests.

In the face of retaliation, understanding your rights and options is crucial. We're here to ensure you're protected and supported throughout the process.

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