Two Prong Brady Giglio

Recap- What is Brady/Giglio List?

In a prior post, I talked about the first steps in an investigation of claims of untruthfulness related to how a law enforcement officer’s name gets on a Brady/Giglio list and some first steps to get that cleared up.

Every single case that has been presented to my firm involves a law enforcement officer who has been placed on a Brady/Giglio list for errors or mistakes that have nothing to do with untruthfulness or it was something procedural or administrative from 10 or 15 years ago, or more.

If there is no issue of untruthfulness in your past, or, more importantly, in the cases you bring to the prosecutor’s office, then those reasons have no bearing on your veracity or your ability and dependability to tell the truth.

Two-Prong Approach

I have a two-pronged approach to handling a Brady/Giglio case. The first is (obviously) the legal side. What would that lawsuit be based upon if you need to sue somebody? We talked about that in the last email.

The other prong is the public relations side.

You are dealing with something that is currently a relatively private issue. It's something that most people don't understand. It's something that, more than likely, your community has no idea is happening.

You need to make this a public issue.


Because your department and the prosecutor's office can ignore a private issue, but it's very hard to ignore an issue that becomes public.

So, how do you do that?

This part of the two-prong approach has many aspects. I offer a six-month program that involves strategically contacting legislators, the media, your own department, and the prosecutor's office so that you are consistent about pushing the issue and informing your community about what is happening.

Ultimately, you want an opportunity to be heard and clear your name. I believe the manner in which Brady/Giglio lists are used in almost every state violates the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, which is due process. You're placed on this list.

You're given no notice. You're not given an opportunity for a hearing.

There's also a political aspect to this. Maybe the prosecutor's political opponent wants to know if this prosecutor is pushing out good cops.

There's not a single department in the United States of America right now that is fully staffed so why would the community be happy with the fact that you're potentially making your community less safe by getting rid of good cops?

It will take work!

With persistent and strategic efforts to educate everyone within your community about what is happening, including the legislators within your jurisdiction, you have a chance of righting this wrong.

Contact The Lady Law Shield for help.

There's the legal side and the public relations side. With my help, we can make sure that you constantly contact those within your community, particularly those within the legislative side of your community, to turn this ship around and in your favor.

Contact me- I can help.

I offer 15-minute consultations to review your case and find out if we can do something about it. So take action now, take control back.

You cannot control what happens around you, but you can control what happens inside of you, and this is how you do that. This is how you start to feel as though you're taking some control back, and otherwise, it is a very confusing and unruly process.

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